This web page is meant for the children, grand children, and great grand children of the late EZE NJEMANZE IHEANACHO of blessed memory who died on May 19th, 1920. The importance of this site is to assist in bringing all of us together.


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Wake Keeping for Mercy Nwaobiara Njemanze

Wake Keeping

With humility and gratitude to God for a life well lived, we the members of Njemanze family in Nigeria and USA announce the death of out mother, grandmother, great grandmother, mother-in-law, wife, sister, and friend

Mrs Mercy Nwaobiara Njemanze who died in Nigeria on April 10, 2011

Left to mourn her are 2 brothers, 1 sister, 7 children, in-laws, 16 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren, among whom Mrs Stella Njemanze Odunukwe (daughter, Maryland).

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Loss in the Chiedo Family

I am sure most of you have learnt by now, Henry and Onu Chiedo’s baby sister passed away a little over one week ago.

As you can imagine, it has been pretty devastating for family and friends alike. The burial plans are being worked but I wanted to reach out to you and share what plans are in place now.

Also for those who have expressed an interest in providing help (financial, spiritual, communal) we have put some things in place to enable that.

There will be a Memorial Service in Bowie, Maryland on the evening of Saturday, July 31st (Details are attached)

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New Photos added.

Added a few photos of Eze Alexius Anumaku Njemanze Igwe Ozurigbo IV of Owerri & Ugoeze Paulina Atim Njemanze
Pictures can be found at:

Wedding Pictures of Leslie Njemanze (Attorney in Nigeria) Son of Chief and Dr (Mrs) Daniel Njemanze
More pictures at:

Message from Ozuruigbo (V) of Owerri

Message from His Majesty, Eze Emmanuel Emenyono Njemanze Ozuruigbo (V) of Owerri

The Chairman
Njemanze Royal Family Meeting
United States of America

On behalf of myself and the entire Njemanze Royal Family of the Owerri ancient kingdom, I sincerely support and heartily congratulate you on the coming together of the members of the Royal Family to form a forum for togetherness in far away America.


From the Palace (Ibari) of Eze Owere His Majesty Pharm. (Dr.) Emmanuel Emenvonu Niemanze Ozuruigbo of Owerri OON, FPSN,
KSC. Paramount Ruler of Owerri

Owerri was founded about the 14th century by our founding father Ekwem Oha.
His mother's name was Arugo.

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